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Things I want to tell my kids that won't fit on Twitter

About the Writer

I am a wife (25+ years), mother to 3 unique and individual children, a daughter, and a sister (oldest of 4 girls) and a friend. I respect creativity and your right to do your own thing as long as it doesn’t impinge on my right to do my own thing- whatever that means for you. I have lived in Iowa, Arizona, Georgia and Missouri. My husband is not in the Military (We’ve moved a few times and people always think my husband must be in the service. But he isn’t.  We kind of like change). I like good photography. I admire people with a solid self-concept who don’t suck all the air out of the room just because they are in it.

ck-1I own a small Online Marketing Company that specializes in helping Small Business owners maneuver the world of Google, search, websites, email marketing, social media and paid advertising . I’ve helped a lot of people create their blogs. Someone challenged me to write my own.

I go to church on Sunday. In my opinion, people should have a belief in something other than themselves. I think going to church together is a good family practice. I have seen this practice bring families together and keep them together. I try to let my kids make decisions for themselves as much as possible. Sink or swim, they learn by deciding, doing and living with the consequences.  I believe the gift of “trusting yourself”  is one of the best I can give to them.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Catherine Kolkoski


3 thoughts on “About the Writer

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  2. This post was in both timely and full of insight for me. Thanks!

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