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Family is everything

I am spending the week in Iowa. I grew up here. My mom was the oldest of 5 girls and they all lived in the same city for a very long time. Her parents, my father’s parents and his sister did as well. I grew up celebrating holidays surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. Santa always came at about 5:00 on Christmas Eve because we had so many places to go on Christmas day. It was awesome. I miss those times being around my family. There  many times I wish my children could be best friends with their cousins the way I was.

70 years of marriage…

My grandparents are 90 now. They have been married 71 years. Now that is an accomplishment. They are an example of how to live a great life. Their 5 daughters love being around them. Their grandchildren love spending time with them (I am one of them) and they have 24 great grandchildren (my kids are 3 of those). They still play bridge with friends (someone always beings desert after lunch so they have something to slam their stomachs shut), played golf until recently (got harder to find a foursome at their age) and danced every Saturday night at the supper club for years. I think they are still with us because they love and they are loved by their family. In my opinion, when you love like they do and you have the respect and admiration of your family, you have a reason to live. I am looking at the both of them right this second. They are watching Golf on TV.

I tell people I come to Iowa so my kids can go to Sports Camp here. I really come to Iowa to be with family, to be with my grandparents. I will not ever say that I regretted not spending time with them. My grandmother just told her husband of 71 years that she loved him. She asked him if he had a good Father’s Day and then she sees he has on bright green socks. He said he bought them at Kmart last week. He obviously bought them without her. She’s laughing at the socks he picked out. They don’t do much without each other so his buying bright green socks without her is a big deal.
We should all be so lucky:  to love and to be loved- surrounded by family. In my opinion, family is everything.

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8 thoughts on “Family is everything

  1. susu on said:

    Love it

  2. Linda Dodds on said:

    Cathy Ann, What a beautiful post you have written here.!

    Blessings like family and especially my mom and dad..your Nana and Poppo.. don’t get any better than this.

    Thank you for writing this.. and thank you for coming to Dubuque so the kids can “go to sports camp”.

    As their oldest grandchild, you are the reason they are called Nana and Poppo, because I was only 5 when you were born and I was NOT going to let anyone call my parents Grandma and Grandpa. I always felt so close to you, more like a sister than a niece!

    God Bless you, and Nana and Poppo.

    Remember their license plates on their cars?

    #1 Nana..

    #1 Poppo?

    They certainly are.

    Love you!
    Your Aunt Lindy

  3. Cathy on said:

    Cathy Ann, that was so sweet of you to post “Family is Everything” on Facebook. It is too bad after our discussion about Facebook today, not everyone will have the chance to read it. Every day I am so thankful that we are so lucky to have both our parents. Thank you for taking the time to “show off” two wonderful people.
    P.S. I noticed the bright green socks and I thought they were cute,

  4. Barbara on said:

    Dearest Catherine:) What a beautiful message of “LOVE” Being the second of the 5 daughters, I know exactly what your are feeling because we all feel the same love and admiration for 2 of the best mom and dad ever:) Thanks for putting our thoughts into a beautiful expression of love:) Good to see you and enjoy your week:) Hope you have a beautiful day touched by kindness:) Love from Aunt Miss Barbara AKA as the “Angel Lady”

  5. Jo Capps on said:


    I love your blogs. they either make me laugh or cry (usually the latter). I may be biased because

    I Am Your Mother

  6. love it–what a great pic of the great sparky and poppo—they are opening up a sparkys desert and yogurt about a mile from us–coming soon—reunion in Oregon!!
    Happy belated Anniversary to you both as well—as Blair would say, Happy Anniversary Baby got you on my mind!!! Marcus

    • Suzy Conlon-Kalb on said:

      What a beautifully written commentary on your grandparents and the love amongst your family. So glad that you have the opportunity each summer to return to your beginnings. You are blessed! I have so many fond memories of your immediate and extended family. Enjoy your week in Dubuque.

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