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Things I want to tell my kids that won't fit on Twitter

You are a reflection of your parents

When I was growing up I believed this with my entire being. I believed this because my parents said this to me. I thought that what I did and how I behaved was be a representation to the world of what my parents taught me. My parents communicated the expectations that had for me and I tried, in many ways, to live up to them. Was I perfect? Heck no. But I was pretty good.

Some of the things I avoided that other kids around me didn’t were underage drinking and drugs. I never went to jail.   I wanted to do the right thing because my parents shared with me what the right thing was.

Kansas City has a curfew law. It goes into effect the Sunday after Memorial Day through the Friday after Labor Day: anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult after 9PM. There was a women on the news this week who received a ticket last summer because her 16 year old son was out past his curfew. The officer issued the ticket telling her that ‘you should know what your kids are doing and where your kids are’. I agree and disagree.

In my opinion, parents should know where their children are.  Problem is, there some kids who try super hard not let their parents know where they are, what they are doing and who they are doing it with.  I am wondering, due to the economy, how many kids won’t be working this summer. Bored kids have a tendency to make excitement in other ways.  In my opinion, kids today don’t think about how their actions will reflect on their parents, i.e. what the neighbors will think.  Many parents have not put the “you are a reflection of your parents” mantra in the hearts and minds of their offspring, like mine did.

My husband and I let our kids know.  In my opinion,  I think your kids should know what you believe and what you expect of them.  You should verbalize it.  That way they know. They may still make choices and decisions that will fly in the face of “being a good reflection on us.” Mine  have already.  They are not perfect. But at least they’ll have a measuring stick to go by.  I knew what ‘being a reflection of my parents’ looked like. Do your kids know what you expect?

For my parents…. Thank you.


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